Penelope Cruz Bikini Pictures

Penelope Cruz Bikini Pictures Penelope Cruz Bikini Pictures

Hey guys, I’m back! It’s Lance Butts and I get the gracious opportunity to present these cute pictures of Penelope Cruz sitting down in a pool wearing a colorful bikini.

Everybody in the world knows Ms. Cruz. At 35 years old, she looks great. I wonder if she’s one of those celebrities in Hollywood who sold their soul to the devil to keep youthful looking. She looks in her 20’s to me. Hmmmm.

Hey remember when she dated Tom Cruise and their last names were Cruise and Cruz. I thought that was pretty freaky.

Before I close, I want to make a comment to Jenny Bikini. “Look Jenny, just because you have a bank account and don’t live check to check doesn’t mean you can go around taking advantage of people. I have a surprise for you on Monday anyways. Haha”

Photo Credit: Splash News Online

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