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Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

Monday, November 1st, 2010
Mariah Carey  Bikini Pictures Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

Well hello all of you lovely celebrity bikini gossip fans! It’s your favorite celebrity reporter Jenny Bikini here to dazzle and amaze you with awesome pictures of hot celebs in skimpy bikinis! I had a wonderful and restful weekend and hope you did too. So let’s get started with some pre-pregancy pictures of the beautiful Mariah Carey. As many of you probably know, she announced this week that she and husband Nick Cannon are pregnant. Congratulations to Mariah. I guess she couldn’t very well hide it much longer with everyone commenting on her obvious weight gain. We can see that Mariah is taking full advantage of her pregnancy appetite. I think that’s great because for so many years she’s had to watch everything she ate and now she can just let loose and eat what she wants. I wish her and Nick the best.

Photo Credit: Fooyoh

Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

Friday, May 7th, 2010
Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures Mariah Carey Bikini Pictures

Mrs. Nick Cannon – aka: Mariah Carey looks absolutely awesome in her sexy white bikini and butterfly tattoo on the back. I’m in awe of her great beauty and singing talent. I think her marriage to Nick is going to last longer than people think. I consider her a legend because she has beat the odds and lasted two decades into her third one. Not too many musicians can claim that. I have every album she’s ever made and will continue to support her music/movies because she’s really cool. Go Mariah!

Ok, have a great weekend everyone and see you on Monday! JB