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Wednesday, July 17th, 2013
Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Giving girls half her age a run for their money is my favorite cougar actress Lisa Rinna! She just turned 50 and it’s amazing to me because she has kept herself very well. Just my type! I think her hubby Harry or whatever needs to take a step to the side! Birthday girl Lisa Rinna showcased her incredible bikini body in a sexy blue two-piece on the lush lawn of a Beverly Hills pool party Friday. There was not an inch to pinch on the evergreen mother-of-two, who reportedly sculpts her famous figure with trainer Jeff Deperon and hour-long Kundalini yoga sessions four to five times a week. Keep up the awesome work Lisa! My buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead are your biggest fans!

Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Monday, December 20th, 2010
Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

What’s up celebrity bikini gossip lovers! It’s your favorite celeb reporter the Lance Man here to dish the hottest on your favorite stars in bikinis. My weekend went very well. I’ll close out with all of the juicy details.

I have to really give it up to Harry Hamlin. His wife has gone through the ringer with regard to comments about her love for botox. He stands by her and you never hear about him cheating with other babes. I can kind of see why. Look at Lisa’s body. It’s harder than his. It looks like she does about 200+ crunches a day for abs like that. Jeez, she has me feeling bad that my stomach’s not even that tight.

She recently had a lip reduction to reverse all of that lip botox and that’s a good thing Lisa. You looked like a large bass fish in the face and she’s not bad looking but all of that botox in her lips made her look distorted. I’ve seen the reduction and it looks much better. What she needs to do now is do an exercise tape so we can all get tight abs just like her. Her torso sort of looks like a man’s. Is that why Harry is hanging around? Just food for thought.

Ok, before I pass the buck over to Miss Jenny Bikini, I just wanted to let you all know that the Vegas marriage has been annulled. I’m so happy things worked out because that chick could have taken me for everything I was worth. It’s a good thing she didn’t really know who she married. I played the total loser jerk and kept calling her to lend me money so she wouldn’t try to stay married and get paid. I’m going to take it easy for a while. That situation scared me something awful so these days, I’ve just been hanging at home. Barbie and Bambi still aren’t speaking to me but maybe that’s a good thing. Tony Fish and the boys are coming over and we’ll catch in a few ball games. I’m taking a break from all women – briefly. So on that note, see you soon in a few and take great care of yourself. Happy Holidays and PEACE!

Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures Lisa Rinna Bikini Pictures

Hello!! It’s your favorite Celebrity Bikini Gossip reporter Jenny Bikini here to get down and dirty with the hottest gossip in town. I’m so happy to be back and let’s get started! Here’s one of my favorite actresses Lisa Rinna looking super hot in a pink bikini. Everyone gives Lisa a hard time about all of the plastic surgery and botox she’s had. You can kind of see it’s very apparent in her lips. She sort of has the Joker look going on but hey that’s ok. If she wants to make herself look more appealing then that’s her business. Her abs look rock hard and I don’t see any cellulite on her thighs at all and that’s very rare for someone her age (47). Lisa has acknowledged having plastic surgery and using botox and juvéderm; although she remains fond of botox, she has said that using juvéderm was a mistake. I don’t think she should get anymore botox on her face, it’s just distorting it at this point right now. You’re beautiful Lisa so just simple maintenance should be all you should have to do. Don’t let it get out of hand.

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