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Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Enjoying a relaxing day poolside is former reality TV star turned designer, Whitney Port. Doesn’t she look amazing in a blue floral print string bikini? It really brings out the highlights in her long blonde hair. Whitney likes to switch up between striking and bold colors to pretty pastels and soft solids. You can tell she has a trainer that works her hard by the look of her toned thighs and flat abs. Our readers really enjoy pictures of Whitney Port wearing hot bikinis and we’ll keep them coming.

Whitney Port Bikni Pictures

Thursday, October 13th, 2011
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Always welcome to Celebrity Bikini Gossip is the lovely Whitney Port. We love it whenever she’s wearing a bikini and this time she’s sporting a black bikini with pink spots on it which really compliments her super fit and trim figure. She has her long blonde hair up in a bun which really shows off her stunning facial features. It’s always a pleasure to showcase pictures of Whitney!

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, July 27th, 2011
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port  Bikini Pictures

Looking very cute in a white bikini halter top and matching bikini bottom is reality TV star Whitney Port. She’s known for being on the show “The Hills”. She’s also an American television personality, clothing designer, and author. Wow, pretty impressive Whitney. Good looks and smart too.

Whitney’s tall and slender which is always a plus for Hollywood. She’s out and about on the beach looking totally relaxed and at home. Thank you for the bikini pictures Whitney and we’re always thankful and hope to see more.

Ok, folks, it’s been lots of fun. It’s time to turn this over to the very punctual Jenny Bikini. Or shall I say “time obsessed” but that’s a whole different story. She’s a nice girl. Until next time, don’t bring home any strays and ladies remember the Lance Man is now single. Going to hang out with my buddy Tony Fish this weekend and looking forward to spreading my wings. Take care and PEACE!

Photo Credit: Famepictures

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Hey it’s the wonderful Whitney Port wearing a colorful pink bikini top and a skirt. It’s not totally fashion couture in my opinion but it’s really cute. It’s good to see Whitney out and about looking extra slim and slender in her stomach revealing bikini. Her personality is awesome and whenever I see that beautiful smile, I just want to smile too. Keep up the awesome work Whitney and so looking forward to seeing more of you.

Ok, my babies, it’s time for me to pass the reigns to Mr. Lance Butts. Jenny Bikini is extra busy these days looking for the hottest pictures of celebrities in bikinis and I do it because I love all of my babies!!!! Take care of yourself and spoil you rotten!! Toodles!! JB

Photo Credit: WENN

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Monday, March 14th, 2011
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Heyyyyyy my sweet babies. It’s Jenny Bikini here! The CBG crew is working really hard out in the field working to bring you the best celebs in hot bikinis you’ve ever seen!! We can’t wait to blow your mind with all that we have for this Summer. You guys are amazing and we appreciate you stopping by every day and we loooooove all of your wonderful comments! Well if you didn’t get enough of her on the TV show The Hills, she’s back here on our site for another great gallery. It’s Whitney Port looking fabulous in a blue and white striped bikini. Isn’t she lovely. Right now she’s working on a bunch of projects that will showcase her many talents. We’re looking forward to seeing lots of you this Summer Whitney!!!! We love you!!!

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Monday, October 4th, 2010
Whitney Port  Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

The Lance Man is back to thrill you with some hot celebrity bikini gossip. Let’s start out with some news about cute Whitney Port. If you don’t know who she is, she’s one of the stars of the MTV reality tv show “The Hills”. Yeah, she’s one of those hot babes.

Whitney is also clothing designer, model and occasional actress. She’s currently the narrator of her spin-off series “The City”. I think she’s really hot but….she looks older than 25 which is her listed age on Wiki.

In these pictures she looks about 30, which is fine but Whitney should start shopping for a good plastic surgeon now so she can nip those wrinkles in the bud. I’m just trying to be her friend.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

At 24 years old, Whitney Port sure has a nice life. She’s already starred on a tv show “The Hills”, then starred in her own show “The City”. All of that in addition to being a model for the magazine “Teen Vogue”.

As far as I know, she’s a good girl. I don’t hear about her hanging out all night long at the bars and getting smashed like other 24 year old Hollywood starlets. Good for her. If she wants a long career, she’ll take things in moderation.

She looks really nice in her beige and blue string bikini and the sunglasses are cute too.

Photo Credit: Flynet