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Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures

Officially a MILF is the still very sexy Cindy Crawford. I remember there were days when I would sit at my desk and cry over pictures of her because she’s so hot!! And she’s still super hot. I love MILFs and she really doesn’t even look her age. So let’s celebrate that 45 is the new 35! She’s hanging out on the beach wearing a lovely snake skin type bikini that looks marvelous on her figure. We all know that her bikini fashion sense is magnificent. Cindy, I still love you!

Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures

Thursday, October 14th, 2010
Cindy Crawford  Bikini Pictures Cindy Crawford  Bikini Pictures

Oh boy am I happy to be back! It’s your favorite reporter Jenny Bikini back to get down and dirty with hot gossip about celebrities in bikinis!!! I hope you all have been well and missed me as much as I’ve missed you. I thought we’d start off with these awesome pictures of one of my favorite American actresses, Cindy Crawford. Doesn’t she look fabulous. She’s a true lady and all of those up and coming starlets need to take a few lessons from her. She’s already a legend. I saw her latest movie and I love it so much. She’s the kind of great actress where you don’t have to have a bunch of nonsense going on, just watching her act is pleasure enough. Don’t you agree? Go Cindy!

Photo Credit: SplashNewOnline

Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures Cindy Crawford Bikini Pictures

Still ahead of the modeling game is Cindy Crawford. At 43 years old, she looks better than most of those 25 year old models out there today. She looks awesome in her black bikini. Her skin is fabulous and she makes 43 look like the new 28.

I really like Cindy Crawford because of her sense of style and professionalism. She shows what it’s really like to be a super model with lasting power. So many models have come and gone by the time they’re even 35, but Cindy is one of the best.

Keep up the great work Cindy!

Photo Credit: Fame