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Rene Campbell Bikini Pictures

Friday, April 20th, 2012
Rene Campbell Bikini Pictures Rene Campbell Bikini Pictures

Gracing the pages of Celebrity Bikini Gossip for the first time is female bodybuilder Rene Campbell. She shows us that it’s perfectly feminine to body build and you will look awesome in a bikini. Rene’s white bikini is outstanding. On her website, she states that she is very determined and controlled and I believe it. You have to be to have a body like that. Her muscles are bigger than most men but she still looks very feminine. Seeing these pictures of her make me want to join a gym today!! I think I just might!

Ok, my sweet babies, it’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts!! Time passes by so fast but I’m so happy that I had an entire week to share pictures of your favorite celebrities in sexy bikinis!! Gerald and I are driving to the Florida Keys for the weekend and I’m very excited. He said he has a surprise for me and I hope it’s another kitty. My kitty Chauncey passed away and I’ve been very sad. I have other kitties but each one is very special to me. Until we meet again, my dearest friends, please take good care of yourselves and remember that JENNY BIKINI LOVES YOU!! Toodles!! Smooches!! JB