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Sophie Reade Bikini Pictures

Friday, April 16th, 2010
Sophie Reade Bikini Pictures Sophie Reade Bikini Pictures

Now here’s what real breasts look like. Check out tv reality show “Big Brother” cutie Sophie Reade volunteering her time at a celebrity car wash.

Unless Heidi Montag who I showed you yesterday, Sophie’s breasts look real and they’re big so there is no excuse to have boulders in your chest that look tacky. I can’t even tell if she’s had enhancements but she probably has.

I’d really like to see her do some more stuff on tv. She’s really cute.

Ok, I’m out for the weekend, see you Monday. Don’t drink too much this weekend and don’t bring home any strays because you can’t get them to leave your house afterwards. Peace!

Photo Credit: Flynet