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Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Hayden Panettiere had the phrase ‘live without regrets’ tattooed on the side of her rib cage in Italian, but in a spectacular twist of irony, it seems she’s had second thoughts about the ink. The 24-year-old actress is in the process of getting the mantra removed four years after a tattoo artist misspelled a word in the script. She showed off the partially erased etching as she stepped out in a bikini in Hollywood Beach, Florida on Sunday. Looking lovely and flawless as usual.

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Life is one big stage for Hayden Panettiere – and on Sunday the actress was in full performance mode again as she heated up the beach in a purple fringed bikini. The Nashville actress, 23, made waves as she frolicked in the surf with boyfriend and rumoured fiance Wladimir Klitschko. The love-struck couple were pictured flirting up a storm as they wallowed in the sea on the beach in Miami. Great for her to have found love in a loveless industry.

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

It’s been a while but we’ve finally caught up to Hollywood starlet Hayden Panettiere wearing an awesome neon teal string bikini poolside. Hayden works out vigorously and it shows. Her body really looks like she’s a fitness model. You can always count on her to wear bright and colorful bikinis that compliment her skin tone and blonde hair. I love her movies, especially her latest appearance in the movie Scream 4. She’s very versatile and can really act. It’s good that her name isn’t splashed all around the tabloids which means she has a great chance of having a very long and successful career and I wish her the best.

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Friday, April 27th, 2012
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Hayden Panettiere, for some reason, always looks different every time I see her. She’s a chameleon which is why she always gets the good movie roles. In these pictures, Hayden is sporting a two-toned bikini and I say that because in the photo on the left the bikini looks black but in the photo on the right, the bikini looks brown so go figure. She’s very athletic as you can see because she’s playing a game of basketball and a friendly game of tennis. That must be how she keeps her figure so slender. Ladies take note. Simple sports burns lots of calories. Keep up the great work Hayden and looking forward to your next movie. I hope it’s a horror movie. You act your best in those.

Wow, it’s been an awesome week hanging out with you all! I’m beginning to sound like Jenny Bikini (NOT!!). Anyways, my buddies Vinnie Lasagne, Pauly Meathead and Tony Fish and I are going to having a BBQ at my place and invite some ladies over. Would you believe that the girl Tony Fish met in California is visiting him for the weekend? That’s what happens when you bring strays home. Now he’ll never get rid of her. That’s ok, all he has to do is tell her that he still lives with his mom at 25 years old and she’ll run fast. Ok dudes and dudettes, remember DON’T do anything that we would do because we’re a crazy bunch and until next time PEACE!!!

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pictures

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Hayden Panettiere’s butt. Yes, it’s the lovely star of the tv show “Heroes” walking around in a sexy magenta colored skimpy bikini. I wonder what she is doing?

If you’ll notice in the photo on the left, her hair is pinned up and in the photo on the right, her hair is a wild mess. I wonder what she did in between those two photos to get her hair so wild like that? Things that make you say hmmmmm.

Would you believe she was nominated for a grammy? Yes, she was nominated for a grammy in 1999 for her work on “A Bugs Life” read along.

Move over Britney Spears!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics

Friday, June 5th, 2009
Hayden Panettiere Bikini Picture Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pics

Its not to often that we get to see the sexy Hayden Panettiere in a bikini, most of time she is bloody, torn up and healing at an alarming rate, so when ever there is a chance to see her beautiful body off the Heroes set we jump at it. She is at the Cannes Film Festival hanging out on some guy’s yacht and she is wearing a tiny green bikini that lets us see all the right parts of her gorgeous frame. Out of all the rising stars these days I would have to say she is my favorite and she is definitely the best looking. Thanks for the great shots Hayden, you made my day.

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

Hayden Panettiere’s Bikini Skirt

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009
Hayden Panettiere Shirred Skirt Hayden Panettiere Bikini Pic

OMG! I love this bikini skirt she is wearing! What a great twist on the beloved mini skirt! And I can’t help but stare at her friends “assets” butt overall I think Hayden steals the show with this outfit. However, Hayden, keep your skirt pulled down. I see your camel toe.

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline