Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Hey all you bikini lovers, it’s the Lance Man back from another fabulous weekend. Yeah I really do it up big. Went out to the Florida Keys and had a great time with 3 hot bikini babes. Can’t tell you anymore, this is a G-rated site.

Ok, so let’s get started with some pictures of hot a Swiss actress, model, singer and a television personality known to Italian and German people known as Michelle Hunziker. That last name sounds so nazi, it’s a wonder she’s getting any work at all.

It’s probably because her bod is awesome and she looks really nice in a bikini. Looks like she’s a natural type of girl without any plastic enhancements but you never know. Sometimes they get them really small so they look natural. Anyways she’s still hot.

Ok, I’m out for a few days while Jenny Bikini does her thing! Stay cool!

Photo Credit: SplashNewOnline

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