Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures Rima Fakih Bikini Pictures

Hey the Lance Man is back!!! It’s been a nice long weekend that I just so happened to share it with a lovely cute celebrity with jet black hair and an awesome body. Well that could be just about anyone and sorry but I have to keep our secret. I’ll tell you that she stars on a hot tv show that’s top in it’s ratings and guess what??? She pays!! I’m in heaven.

Let’s get down to business. There she is….Miss America…..I think I’ve found a new interest in Miss USA Rima Fakih. She’s beautiful. I actually saw her win the crown this year. Yeah a buddy of mine was able to get me some tickets so I was in the crowd and they loved her. She was the only one that stood out in that crowd of all those other plastic chicks who are dumb as bricks.

I think she’s going to be my new babe of the week which means I’ll give her a double posting pleasure. More……

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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