Taryn Manning Bikini Pictures

Taryn Manning Bikini Pictures Taryn Manning Bikini Pictures

Hey everyone, well it’s been a great week and I wanted to finish my stint with you with these cool pictures of actress Taryn Manning in a cute rhinestoned purple bikini. If you don’t know who she is – she’s starred in movies such as Crossroads, 8 Mile, A Lot Like Love and Hustle & Flow. She has the kind of Hollywood face that blends in so she’s not really recognizable and that’s probably to her advantage so she’s not hounded by the paparazzi all of the time like other celebrities.

Well, I must bid you all goodbye for now. Up next is Lance Butts who is a really cool guy but cheap. Don’t date him girls, he’ll treat you to a nice evening of fast food and will want you to pay half. See you soon!

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