Rachel Uchitel Bikini Picture

Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures

Well if it isn’t the queen of celebrity mistresses, Rachel Uchitel hanging out in a sexy bikini. It’s funny these days how people become celebs by reason of association. No one knew her until the Tiger Woods incident and now she’s like a household name and proclaimed Mistress #1.

She’s been offered tv shows, exclusive interviews and the like for committing one of the biggest no-no’s known to man, adultery. What’s this world coming to? We are so interested in knowing about this home wrecker’s life? She’s not by herself, of course it takes two but it’s just so weird how all of sudden we are very interested in the life of someone who has helped to bring pain and misery to an entire family.

Centuries ago women like that were shunned by the community. No one would even talk to her or want her around but not now, now we put them up on tv, chase them around for photographs and blog and talk about them all day long. It just strikes me funny.

Ok, anyways, it’s my time out and I want everyone to have a great week. Up next is the thorough Jenny Bikini. See how nice I can play. Peace!!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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