Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures

Rachel Uchitel  Bikini Pictures Rachel Uchitel  Bikini Pictures

I’m back! It’s your favorite celebrity reporter Jenny Bikini back to dig into some great Celebrity Bikini Gossip with you! Here’s Tiger Wood’s Mistress #1 – Rachel Uchitel – walking along the beach looking really nice in a black bikini and cute skirt. I love the skirts because it helps to cover up when you don’t feel like showing everything. You still want to enjoy the beach but don’t feel like exposing your skin to do it. I have no personal feelings towards Ms. Uchitel. I just think she participated in a situation that blew up in the media and being an adult, you should take responsiblity for your actions. She’s received a lot of tv offers and who knows, she just might star in her own tv show one day. You never know.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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