Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures

Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures Elle Macpherson Bikini Pictures

One thing I have to give it to supermodels for is keeping their bodies in shape. You don’t see too many fat ex-supermodels. Take Elle Macpherson for example. She still looks really hot.

Her shape is in tact and I don’t see a lot of cellulite flowing all over her body. Maybe she keeps in shape or still starves herself but whatever she’s doing, keep up the great work, Elle.

I think she’s growing old gracefully at age 47. She’s was really hot back in the day and she’s not so bad looking now. I’d date her. She’s a single mom with two kids and I think that is so sexy. Plus the fact that she’s loaded. That’s my type of woman.

Well it looks like my time has come so I’ll give a quick farewell until next time. The Lance Man has a date with this high fashioned model who’s not all that pretty in the face but her pockets are fat. I’ll tell you all about it next week when I get back. Until then, take care of yourselves and PEACE! Up next is the “solid” Jenny Bikini. LOL

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