Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures Michelle Hunziker Bikini Pictures

Heeeeyyyyyy! It’s Jenny Bikini here!!!! Hello my lovelies. Whenever I’m away from you all, I feel like it’s forever! I can’t wait to get back to gossiping about hot celebrities in sexy bikinis. First let me make a comment about Mr. Butts fixing me up on dates and yes he has tried but his friends need to learn some manners. They burp in public and drink too much beer. I appreciate the effort Lance but I can find my own date. Now….let’s enjoy these pictures of Michelle Hunziker in a beautiful colorful bikini. Sometimes we can pick which celebs we want to write about and then other times our boss just says “Put this up and write about it”. Michelle Hunziker is one of those. Our boss loves her so here she is. She’s a german actress/model and he thinks that she’s so beautiful. She is very beautiful and anything to please the boss!

Photo Credit: Artist Bikini

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