Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures

Well if it isn’t everyone’s favorite plastic surgery queen, Victoria Silvstedt hanging out amongst the “little people”. Looks like she’s trying to blend in well but you can’t Victoria? I remember saying last week how she didn’t look as plastic but I may have to take that back. She’s starting to look plastic again.

Maybe it’s just those lips. I can’t get over the over-botoxing she’s done on them. I feel sorry for her actually. There’s no need for a women to have lips that look like that and those doctors should be ashamed of themselves for lying to these woman and telling them that they’re beautiful just to get their money. But then again, I’m not a plastic surgeon. I’m sure if I were making my living through it, I’d tell them pretty much whatever they wanted to hear to get that fat pay check. 🙂

Alrighty then!!!! It’s time for the Lance Man to jet out of here! No major plans, just hanging out with my babes Barbie and Bambi. They’re talking about having kids and that can get pretty complicated. Twins having babies by the same father? That’s some Jerry Springer &*^*(&. Ok, PEACE!!!

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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