Jenny McCarthy Bikini Pictures

Jenny McCarthy Bikini Pictures Jenny McCarthy Bikini Pictures

Hey peeps! It’s the Lance Man back with some hot pics of Jenny McCarthy. Now this is one MILF that is super hot. Jim Carey you are a total fool for letting this woman slip through your fingers. Look at her body! She’s totally awesome and has the personality to match. I believe that the break up was probably because of Jim’s crazy psychosis and inabilities to love this woman like she needs to be loved. She’s funny, bright, compassionate and has a cute kid. What’s wrong with you dude? There is no reason you shouldn’t have tried to work it out. Now he’s all alone and still crazy and she’s single but not for long because if any dude knows what’s good for him, he’ll snap her up real quick. If I didn’t have Barbie and Bambi, Jenny would be mine. Oh yeah!

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