Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures

Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures Rachel Uchitel Bikini Pictures

Still managing to keep herself in the public eye is Rachel Uchitel. If you forgot who she was (and I don’t think you have), she was reportedly one of Tiger Wood’s mistresses. Rachel has since moved on and has starred on the TV reality show “Celebrity Rehab”. I saw her episodes and after I did, my opinion of her kind of changed. I used to think she was a dumb bimbo but she’s more sensitive and caring than I thought and the public has torn her to shreds. I still think she’s hungry for the public eye but just doesn’t know how to handle it when she gets it.

Rachel does look hot in her pink bikini with stars on it. See what I mean. She’s in love with stars. You can’t see but she’s holding the hand of a guy and they’re walking along the beach. She’s seen holding and kissing him in other pictures so he’s probably a new beau or friend. Good luck Rachel and very anxious to see what 2011-2012 will bring your way.

As far as my situation, I’m seriously considering dumbing Barbie and Bambi and I really don’t care if they read about it first here because they do read my posts. My dad says I should forgive and move on and just live as one big happy family with Barbie, Bambi and Tony Fish’s kids. Tony is practically in a coma himself with shock. He’s my buddy and will always be so I’m really not mad at him. We stuck him with Brittany (Barbie and Bambi’s stalker younger sister) so he has his hands full with her showing up at job and honestly that’s enough pay back for me. lol If I have to be single all over again, so be it. I can’t take this emotional rollercoaster much longer. I miss my single life. Oh well, I’ll keep you posted on my decision. Until then, enjoy the very spunky Jenny Bikini. So try and be good and PEACE!!!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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