Megan Fox Bikini Pictures

Megan Fox Bikini Pictures Megan Fox Bikini Pictures

Happy Monday! Yeah it’s the Lance Man back from a wonderful and relaxing weekend all alone. I can hardly believe it too. Since I broke up with Barbie and Bambi, it’s been kinda lonely and quiet around but that’s about to change. It’s sort of a secret and I’ll tell you all by the time we get together again!

So to start this week out on a high note, we’re posting another hot gallery of Hollywood starlet Megan Fox hanging out on the beach. I can tell you right now that the leg in the 2nd photo on the right is of her hubby but I cut him out because we don’t need to see him. He’s not in a bikini.

Megan’s last movie was Passion Play which was a direct-to-dvd movie. That’s not good Meggie. At only 24 yrs, your career should be sky rocketing all over the place. The movie before that Jonah Hex did ok at the box office so you should start thinking what you can do to spruce up your status. Sure you’re fine as heck but that means nothing if you can’t sell movies.

You’re still one of my favorite crushes Meggie and maybe it’s because she married and nobody really likes to lust after a married woman. Only time will tell. Although I must say she looks stunning in her bikini. Wow!

Ok, my bikini gremlins, it’s time for the Lance Man to temp pass the reigns over to the cheerful Jenny Bikini. She was just recently appointed Employee of the Month. Congrats Jenny! Would it be because you bring the boss donuts every other day? I’m just saying. It means she gets the primo parking spot which used to be MY parking spot until they started the Employee of the Month deal. Anyways….stay true to yourselves and I’ll see you soon!! PEACE!

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