Whitney Port Bikini Pictures

Whitney Port Bikini Pictures Whitney Port  Bikini Pictures

Looking very cute in a white bikini halter top and matching bikini bottom is reality TV star Whitney Port. She’s known for being on the show “The Hills”. She’s also an American television personality, clothing designer, and author. Wow, pretty impressive Whitney. Good looks and smart too.

Whitney’s tall and slender which is always a plus for Hollywood. She’s out and about on the beach looking totally relaxed and at home. Thank you for the bikini pictures Whitney and we’re always thankful and hope to see more.

Ok, folks, it’s been lots of fun. It’s time to turn this over to the very punctual Jenny Bikini. Or shall I say “time obsessed” but that’s a whole different story. She’s a nice girl. Until next time, don’t bring home any strays and ladies remember the Lance Man is now single. Going to hang out with my buddy Tony Fish this weekend and looking forward to spreading my wings. Take care and PEACE!

Photo Credit: Famepictures

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