AnnaLynn McCord Bikini Pictures

AnnaLynn McCord Bikini Pictures AnnaLynn McCord Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! It’s the Lance Man back from another awesome weekend. I’ll tell you all about it below!

But I wanted to blow your mind first with these awesome pictures of supermodel AnnaLynn McCord out and about in a delicious green bikini that fits her to a T. It looks like she’s doing some sort of sparing or dress up for a photo shoot. Her hair looks so hot all messed up like that in the picture on the right. She’s so gorgeous and I never get tired of looking at her in a bikini. I love you Anna! Call me.

Ok, so, yeah, me and my best friend Tony Fish flew in his private jet out to Miami because that’s the place to be. Tony broke up with my ex-girlfiriend Twins Barbie and Bambi but he’s still being a father to the baby, just for an update. So he’s single again and we met these hot girls who just so happen to be lawyers who moonlight as bikini dancers. Is the economy that bad? They haven’t taken the bar yet so technically they’re not lawyers but will be taking the bar in two weeks. We had lots fun and it’s great to know future lawyers in case you get into a sticky situation.

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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