Heidi Klum Bikini Pictures

Heidi Klum Bikini Pictures Heidi Klum Bikini Pictures

Hello my delightful Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!!! Jenny Bikini loves you so much!!! I’m back from a wonderful break and just to let you know, my date with Gerald for lunch was awesome!! We’re meeting up again this weekend and I’m so happy. Oh, this might be the one. Please keep your fingers crossed!!! Ok, let’s welcome back the very “in shape” Heidi Klum. She’s a powerhouse that that has tight abs for years! I love it when she shows us girls just how it’s done. Her sense of style and fashion is mind blowing. Heidi you are so genuinely talented.

Have a great weekend everyone, I know that I will now that Gerald and I are going out. I’m taking this slow, so don’t worry about me. Jenny Bikini loves you!!!!

Photo Credit: Fame

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