Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures

Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures Aida Yespica Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey Hey!!! Oh yeah, it’s me, the Lance Man back from ANOTHER crazy weekend in Mexico with my buddies Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne. We went there to retrace our steps because we got so trashed last time but all we did was get trashed AGAIN! It wasn’t a pretty sight folks and we’re a family website, so…

Alright, I’m proud to present for the first time on Celebrity Bikini Gossip pictures of the stunning Aida Yespica. Who is Aida Yespica? She’s a Venezuelan beauty queen and model. I think she’s going to be my brand new crush. Isn’t she lovely walking around in a magenta colored bikini? She’s truly breath taking and I’m so happy to be the first to post pictures of her. I’d really like to just take the rest of this post to sit back and admire her pictures so please excuse me.

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