Kate Upton Bikini Pictures

Kate Upton Bikini Pictures Kate Upton Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yeah, it’s the wonderful Mr. Lance Man back from a wonderful weekend with my buddies Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne. We added a new buddy and we call him Pauly Meathead. Pauly is Vinnie’s cousin who just moved to Florida from Brooklyn, NY. He’s fun and he’s promised to introduce us to his sister’s girlfriends who from the looks of his sister, must be hot! I have an update for you guys and sad to say that I broke up with Dr. Bikini. She was too clingy. Always texting and calling me. I roam better with my buddies. Yeah, I’m a heart breaker and they should know to stay away from me. So….anyways…

Starting out right because The Lance Man loves his fans are smoking hot pictures of 19 yr old supermodel Kate Upton. We’re lucky enough to see her model two different swimsuits and I can’t stop staring. My head is going back and from from the white bikini to the black bikini. I can’t make up my mind. Can you? Kate is looking extra hot in these pictures and BOO to those who are saying that she needs to lose weight. She’s just fine. I like curves. Kate stay like you are. Don’t listen to those who want to make you a Stepford Model Clone! Isn’t she hot?

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