Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures Paris Hilton Bikini Pictures

Happy Birthday to Me!! Thank you everyone for your birthday wishes. I won’t say how old I am but I’m old enough to vote!! lol I love you all so much and miss you every time I’m away. It’s your favorite celebrity reporter, Jenny Bikini!! My boyfriend Gerald says Hi!! He says he’s treating me to a wonderful surprise and I’m very excited!!! Alrighty, let’s start with new pictures of my favorite socialite Paris Hilton in a delicious bikini and skirt coverup. I just adore her bikini fashion. Paris must have thousands of bikinis and she always knows how to pair them up perfectly with the right accessories. She should donate her bikinis to charity and I would surely try to snatch up a few. I love you Paris!! You are my hero!!

Happy Friday to you and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Smooches!! See you soon!!

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