Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures

Shauna Sand Bikini Pictures Shauna SandBikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yeah it’s the Lance Man ready to move and groove you with AWESOME pictures of your favorite celebs in blazing hot bikinis!! Oh I’m liking this new one week me and one week Jenny situation. Me and my buddies, Vinnie Lasagne, Pauly Meathead and Tony Fish have been rocking and rolling with these new babes that we met in a club in California. I like Cali but the babes are super skinny. I like women with a little meat on their bones and practically all the girls out there are very slender. What’s the deal? Anyways, Tony brought home a stray and she’s talking about moving to Florida to be with him. See Tony, I told you so. Ok, more about that later.

Right now I want to blow your mind with these current pictures of plastic surgery queen Shauna Sand. One thing about Shauna is that I give her credit when it comes to her implants and botox. She hasn’t gone overboard with it although I can see that maybe in about 10 years, Shauna may become a younger Joan Rivers but with bigger implants. Right now she’s smoking hot and always looks great in a bikini. I like it especially when she walks along the sand in 10 inch heels. She’s talented.

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