Bai Ling Bikini Pictures

Bai Ling Bikini Pictures Bai Ling Bikini Pictures

Back by popular demand is lovely Asian actress Bai Ling walking around in a very skimpy leopard print bikini and black high heel boots. She’s enjoying a refreshing ice cream cone that probably one of her admirers bought for her. Bai Ling looks fabulous at 45. It’s really mind blowing because she has the figure of a 20 yr old. This petite star loves the beach and can be seen almost any time of the day hanging out and enjoying the sun. No wonder our readers went crazy over her pictures, you can’t help but stop in your tracks and stare.

Alright, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to hand you over to Miss Jenny Bikini who is going on and on about her wedding. Why doesn’t she just elope? It’s much cheaper and that’s what I plan to do. Why spend money on a wedding when I can spend it on myself. Hey, that’s just me. This weekend, my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead and I are heading out to New York City. Oh yeah, the big apple has lots of hot babes. We plan on staying at the Waldorf and hitting up as many clubs as we can. Wish us luck!!! I will fill you in on all of the juicy details when I get back! So until then remember, don’t bring home any strays. PEACE!

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