Kelli Hutcherson Bikini Pictures

Kelli Hutcherson Bikini Pictures Kelli Hutcherson Bikini Pictures

Back for another round is MMA ring girl Kelli Hutcherson making a bold statement and modeling like a professional wearing a beautifully patterned black one-piece swimsuit with sexy cut-outs. Upon first seeing these photos, I really thought she was a Victoria Secret model. She really knows how to position her body and intensify her eyes. My buddy Vinnie Lasagne went crazy over her photos on Wednesday and I couldn’t get him to stop talking about her. Yes, she’s very beautiful but that’s no reason to have a melt-down dude. Oh heck who am I fooling, yes it is.

Okie dudes and dudettes, it’s time for the Lance Man to pass you over to the very spunky, bubbly and always smiling Jenny Bikini. She’s going to take great care of you. As for me and my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead, we’re thinking about heading up to New York City for a short weekend. We like the clubs up there. The night life never ends. You could totally hang out in a club until 1 in the afternoon and it would still look like night the entire time. It’s quite an experience. Ok, so until the next time, remember to NEVER bring home any strays and don’t do anything that we would do! PEACE!

Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews

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