Sephanie Seymour Bikini Pictures

Sephanie Seymour  Bikini Pictures Sephanie Seymour  Bikini Pictures

It’s been a while but back to amaze you in her awesome bikini is the very beautiful Stephanie Seymour. She’s proved that she’s still one of the world’s most beautiful women, after spending the week in her bikini while on holiday in St Barts. But Stephanie Seymour seemed more concerned about being on mum duty rather than catching the rays on Sunday. The 44-year-old supermodel spent the day playing in the sea with her eight-year-old daughter Lily, but still got the chance to show off her flawless, bronzed bikini body in the process. Loving the colors! She doesn’t look anywhere near 44! Great genes!!

Alrighty my lovely babies, it’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts who we call the hooligan of the office. He’s so loud and always singing 80’s tunes along with his buddies who we might as well hire because they’re always in the office. I think this weekend, I plan on spending time with my hubby just cuddling up and spoiling each other. I love married life!!! Until next time, my darlings, remember that Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! Smooches!! Toodles!!!

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