Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures

Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures Doutzen Kroes Bikini Pictures

Back by even more popular demand are more pictures of blonde beauty Doutzen Kroes. This time she’s splashing along in the ocean wearing a lovely two-toned black, white and orange spiced bikini that really gives us a peek at her svelte figure. She looks like a total celebrity with the sunglasses in the water. Why do they always do that? Anyways, my boss is smitten with her and whatever he wants, we do so you may just get to see even more of Doutzen Kroes sporting sexy bikinis. I love her style.

Ok, my lovely babies, Jenny Bikini has to turn you over gently to Mr. Lance Butts. Him and his motley crew get on my nerves with their loud talking and laughing while I’m trying to work at my desk. It’s a wonder that he gets any work done at all. If he wasn’t the boss’ favorite, he probably would’nt have a job because I never see him work. Anyways, I’m just going to let him dig his own grave and just worry about myself. I plan on surprising my hubby Gerald with a romantic dinner tonight so I have to get to the grocery store pronto!! Alright my babies, remember that Jenny Bikini LOVES you!!! Toodles!!! Smooches!!!

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