Eva Langoria Bikini Pictures

Eva Longoria Bikini Pictures Eva Longoria Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey oh yes, it’s your favorite Mr. Lance Man back from a wild and wacky weekend in Mexico with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. I have some bad news to report. It looks like Tony Fish and Vinnie Lasagne brought home strays!!! No No No!! They seemed to pick up these two senioritas who wouldn’t stop stalking us and following us around the next day. See what I mean. They even said they were going to find out where we lived in Florida and come and live with us and kill any wives that we already had. Well I don’t have a wife and I just played like I was gay although that hardly worked. Oh man what are we going to do!!

Anyways, to cheer the guys up, I’m posting some pictures of their favorite crazy housewife on TV Eva Longoria wearing a delightful pink bikini while walking along the beach. Eva was happy to let it all hang out as she relaxed on the beach wearing a neon orange bikini and was clearly keen to make the most of her short trip to Puerto Rico. She relaxed on a sunlounger, swam in the sea, and took a stroll along the picture perfect white sands. The actress, whose show Desperate Housewives was cancelled last year, took plenty of time to slather herself in tanning oil, paying particular attention to her legs as she reclined in the sun. Very nice.

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