Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures

Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures Stephanie Pratt Bikini Pictures

She was introduced to MTV reality show The Hills back in 2007 as Spencer Pratt’s irrational sister. And while Stephanie Pratt may have toned down her behaviour since then, she still has a wild side. The 26-year-old wore an animal print bandeau bikini while enjoying an Easter vacation in Hawaii. Great going!! Hope to see much more of this stunning beauty in the future.

Ok, dudes and dudettes, it’s time to hand you back over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini and if you don’t address her as “Mrs” in the office, she shreks at the top of her lungs. Wow!! Alright, I think my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead and I are going down to Mexico. It’s still too cold and we need to heat things up and Mexico is the place to be!!! We love the Senoritas!! So until I get back and give you the go-ahead, never bring home any strays!!! PEACE!!!

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