Carmen Electra Bikini Pictures

Carmen Electra Bikini Pictures Carmen Electra Bikini Pictures

Hello my most awesome Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies, it’s me Jenny Bikini back from a delicious weekend with my hubby Gerald!! He’s so romantic and I wish every girl could have a hubby as lovey dovey as mine! He took me on a surprise journey to the Florida Keys and we stayed on this large boat. I don’t know whose boat it was but my hubby has friends in high places. 🙂 The water was lovely and we just sat and drank wine and kissed each other. Life is so wonderful!!

Alright my babies, let’s start this week off with some really hot pictures of my favorite reality TV star Miss Carmen Electra. Doesn’t she look amazing in an all black bikini? You wouldn’t believe that she’s in her 40’s. She defies gravity and has wiped off 10 yrs by whatever she’s doing so keep it up!!!

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