Jessie James Bikini Pictures

Jessie James Bikini Pictures Jessie James Bikini Pictures

Hello my most lovely and spectacular Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!!! It’s me, Mrs. Jenny Bikini, ready to “WOW” you with awesome pictures of your favorite celebs in sexy bikinis!!! To set the record straight around the office, NO, I’m not pregnant. I may have gained a few pounds because of marriage bliss but that’s it. I wish I was, don’t get me wrong but I suppose it will happen when it’s right. So hopefully that will stop the whispering around the office!! Ok!

Let’s get started with some really nice pictures of Denver Broncos footballer Eric Decker’s wife Jessie James showing off her super toned shape in Hawaii. The singer showed off her flat stomach, toned limbs and impressive curves in the brown, black and white trimmed swimwear and she looked flawless. Of course those football guys must have a hot wife and she fits the bill!!

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