Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures

Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!!! Oh yeah, it’s the fabulous Lance Man back from a relaxing weekend just hanging out at my man cave with buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead. Yeah, we watched a bunch of dude flix and drank so much beer that I think I may need to join a gym. Nah, I’m perfect. Ok, so no strays this weekend but maybe next weekend so keep your eyes and ears open. Vinnie met some groupie girl who follows him around whenever we go to the beach and he said she’s cute but I think she looks more like a dude and he should double check her out when he gets a chance. I’m serious.

Alright, starting off this week are hot pictures of Claudia Romani sporting wavy curves. The 31-year-old lived up to the fashion standards of her model lifestyle, wearing a black bikini that no doubt turned heads all day. She must’ve caught the gaze of many a beachgoer while strolling on the beach, as her outfit did a great job of showing off her tanned glistening skin. Wow, such a bright white smile. I wonder what brand of toothpaste she uses. I love a pretty smile.

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