Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures

Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures Lady Victoria Hervey Bikini Pictures

Oh yeah, hey hey hey!!! It’s me the one and only Mr. Lance Man back from a boss weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Pauly Meathead and Vinnie Lasagne. Vinnie wants a job here at Celebrity Bikini Gossip but my boss turned him down because he’s too lazy. He doesn’t want to get up before noon and he has to eat a big plate of sausage and spaghetti before he does anything. My boss says he can’t afford that. Oh well Vinnie looks like you’ll have to stay living at home. Don’t worry buddy, we’ll help you find something that’s suited for you!! Until then just hang out with me and the rest of the boys! We love you dude!

Alright, as some of you already know, I’m a freak for cougars and I happen to currently have a crush on Lady Victoria Hervey right now. Who is she? Well, she’s a 37 yr old English model, socialite, aristocrat, and former “It girl”. Her blood line is very royal but all I care about is that she’s rich and older than me. In these pictures, Lady Victoria Hervey wows Miami in her sexy itsy bitsy teeny weeny bikini while working on her autobiography. Her figure, at the age of 37, would be the envy of someone half her age, though having a killer tan to make it glow even more doesn’t hurt either.

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