Cameron Daiz Bikini Pictures

Cameron Daiz Bikini Pictures Cameron Daiz Bikini Pictures

Happy April Fools day! No tricks here. I don’t like April Fool jokes for some reason but they sure are playing them here around the office. It would be a cool joke if my boss offered Lance Butt’s three buddies jobs but gave them crazy demands like they had to be at work at 5am and work 12 hour days. Let’s see them do that! lol

Ok, Cameron Diaz might be getting older, but there can be no doubt that There’s Something About Cameron. The fun-loving 41-year-old stripped showed off her wavy curves in a mixed matched blue and white striped bikini top and red bikini bottoms while out and about with friends at the beach. Her healthy figure on full display, Cameron wore her blonde locks tied back in a pretty but functional plaited style for her swim. I love her fun loving attitude and carefree spirit. She doesn’t seem to get hung up in the “hollywood” lifestyle even though she probably is but at least she doesn’t put on airs that we can see.

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