Paige Butcher Bikini Pictures

Paige Butcher Bikini Pictures Paige Butcher Bikini Pictures

Finishing off this week with a sweet treat are more pictures by popular demand of blonde model Paige Butcher (Eddie Murphy’s current girlfriend) looking outstanding in a black string monokini beachside. We love these bikini pictures when we catch her alone because she is so pleasant and easy on the eyes. So, you’re welcome!

Dudes and dudettes, I hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s celebrity bikini gossip picture extravaganza and now it’s time to turn you over to Mrs. Jenny (why does she stare at my buddies all of the time?) Bikini. She’s so chirpy and happy all of the time and that can’t be true because we all get mad, angry and depressed some times right? Oh well! Anyways, this week my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead and I are heading out to Las Vegas for some slots. We’re going to meet up with our buddy “Mean Green” who knows all the ins and outs of Vegas and what are the hottest clubs, etc. Plus, he’s getting us a boss room in one of the most expensive hotels and we don’t have to pay a cent. It’s all on him. It helps to have friends in high places. Ok, remember to NEVER bring home any strays and that goes for guys and gals!! Until next time PEACE!!!

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