Amy Willerton Bikini Pictures

Amy Willerton Bikini Pictures Amy Willerton Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey, oh yeah, it’s me Mr. Lance Man always ready and willing to go that extra mile for our fans on Celebrity Bikini Gossip. This week is an exciting week with new and hot celebrities in pretty bikinis! Oh yeah, me and my buddies, Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead are hanging out at the Monster Bikini House and having so much fun. I’m still single and looking for a hot cougar to love me so ladies keep note. Remember our new rommie Professor Scabs? Well he didn’t work out so we’re looking for another roomie. Scabs has a baby’s momma in New York who went crazy when she heard he wanted to move out here so he had to move back. Oh well, good luck Scabs but we’re going to keep the party going here!

Ok, dudes and dudettes, back to Celebrity Bikini Gossip is the very beautiful Amy Willerton.

She insisted she ‘was just really normal’ as she stripped off for a FHM shoot but she looked far from it when she was spotted running on the beach in the South Of France.

The Bristol-born beauty queen, who said she was ‘not the supermodel type’, stripped down to her floral bikini for a run in the sun.

Showing just why she is has won prizes for her looks, the 21-year-old turned up the heat in the already hot Côte d’Azur while working out.


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