Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures

Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures Kelly Bensimon Bikini Pictures

Oh wow, I’m so excited because Kelly Bensimon is Mr. Lance Butts most favorite cougar crush and I get to post pictures of her looking fabulous in a two piece white bikini on the beach in Miami with her family. I can just see the steam rising from his head now…ha!! She always looks her best and today was no exception. As she is known for sticking to a strenuous exercise routine, it comes as no surprise Kelly Bensimon is proud to show off the fruits of her labour. The 46-year-old was seen enjoying herself immensely. The former star of The Real Housewives of New York City displayed her toned body on the outing with daughter Sea Louise – who was born in 1998 – as the two even went for a ride on a jet ski. That’s so nice spending family time together. See Mr. Butts, she has a family and doesn’t need a bachelor like you sniffing around her. Wait another 10 yrs and you can maybe have a chance with her daughter but if she’s smart, she will pass! lol

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