Kimberley Garner Bikini Pictures

Kimberley Garner Bikini Pictures Kimberley Garner Bikini Pictures

Kimberley Garner looks fabulous in anything that she puts on. What tickles her fancy today is a two piece black and white bikini that wraps itself around her super slender figure. I mean if you look in the dictionary under the words “perfect bikini body”, her face is right there. She’s very active and was also seen in a speed boat (not pictured) in this gallery. Kimberley Garner’s fashion sense is simplistic today in that she fashioned her two-piece black and white bikini only with dark sunglasses. Well it doesn’t matter to me because she’s totally flawless. Keep up the great work Kim!

Wow, time sure goes by quickly! Now I understand what Mrs. Jenny Bikini is talking about when she says it. It’s been a very eventful week. I promised to let you know how our bikini party went and it went really great! I happened to get introduced to a hot cougar named Helen who lives two doors down from our Monster Bikini home. She has two daughters in their 20’s so you know she’s just my type. Helen is recently divorced so I plan on being the patient and understanding type of guy with lots of compassion. Wish me luck! My roomies think that I’m crazy going for her when her daughters are hot but I fall in love with a woman’s mind first and pocket secondly! LOL!! Ok, remember to NEVER bring home any strays although that motto isn’t working around here lately. We need to keep a tight ship around here because I’m waking up to girls sleeping on the sofa and eating up all of our food and I don’t even know their names. So it’s time for another group house meeting!! Not sure what the agenda is for next week but as soon as I know, you will know!! Ok, dudes and dudettes, until next time PEACE!!!

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