Tori Spelling Bikini Pictures

Tori Spelling Bikini Pictures Tori Spelling Bikini Pictures

Back because I said so is super beautiful Tori Spelling, this time, on a family vacation, she was donning a white and red two-piece bikini and fine accessorize. Those dark sunglasses and the white handbag really make Tori Spelling’s fashion look complete. She is a fashion icon in her own right and she is passing on the Spelling last name to keep up great TV for generations to come. I think her sons will.

Alright dudes and dudettes, it’s time to pass you over to Mrs. Jenny Bikini. She has lots of nerve to talk about my friends but since I’m in a good mood after just posting pictures of Tori Spelling, we will give her a break today. This weekend we’re having a cookout and there are tons of celebs that I would like to invite but their hubbies may not allow that. So I may just sit around a nurse a cocktail or may be meet someone that someone brings along as a date. Of course, will let you know what the outcome is. Until then, remember, no strays or at least get them out of the house before the sun comes up (lol)….PEACE!!!

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