Jennifer Lopez Bikini Pictures

Jennifer Lopez  Bikini Pictures Jennifer Lopez Bikini Pictures

Don’t be fooled by the rocks that she’s got, she’s still Jenny from the block! Jennifer Lopez looks awesome in her beige bikini. After twins, just look at how fit she looks. Ok, in one of the photos, you can tell she still has a little bit of baby belly left but after twins, you have to admit that she looks awesome. I’m so excited to see her as one of the new American Idol judges. She will bring such a new dynamic to the show. I want to see the facial expressions she makes while talking to the contestants. I think this is going to probably bring the ratings back up because last year American Idol sucked really bad. The contestants were bad and they picked the wrong person to win, in my opinion, just like the year Adam Lambert was on. He should have won that year, in my opinion. Ok, Jenny, do your thing and can’t wait to see you in January.

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