Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pictures

HERE Bikini Pictures HERE Bikini Pictures

Everyone is talking about the well being of Lindsay Lohan these days. I just think we should all give her some time to heal and get better. As you can see in these bikini pictures, she’s a very pretty girl and I’ve always liked her as an actress. It’s just a shame to see her get caught up in a life that’s very dangerous. Good to see that she’s taking the steps to get her life back on the right track.

Ok, everyone, it’s time for me to turn this back over to Mr. Lance Man. LOL. He refers to himself as that all over the office. He makes us laugh and I’m always so interested to read about his personal life with all of these woman, just like you. His cellphone is always going off. I don’t know how he has time to do any work. Oh well, that’s his problem. Until next time, I love you all and keep safe for the holidays. Toodles. JB

Photo Credit: Flash Screen

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