LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures

LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures LeAnn Rimes Bikini Pictures

Congratulations to LeAnn Rimes on her new marriage to Eddie Cibrian. After years of public scrutiny, she finally tied the knot with the man of her dreams. I’m so happy that they’ve married to show everyone how much they truly love each other. LeAnn has been through a lot in her life and it’s good to see her finally settle down. Doesn’t she look super hot in her bikini? Wow I wonder how many crunches she does a day to get super flat abs like that? I’m jealous! lol I’m a big fan of her music and wish her continued happiness and success with her life.

Well, my babies, it’s time for me to turn this back over to Mr. Lance Butts. I’ve had so much fun talking about celebs in bikinis with you. I hope you had a Happy Mother’s Day and spent quality time with your mommy! Until we get together again, remember that I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Take care of yourselves and remember that you have a friend in Jenny Bikini!! ((((((((Hugs)))))) and kisses (XoXoXoXo)!!! Toodles!! JB

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