Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures

Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures Michelle Rodriguez Bikini Pictures

Fast and Furious movie star Michelle Rodriguez looks fabulous in a beige bikini with black trim. Wiki says that Michelle is 33 years old but in these pictures, she looks like she’s clearly in her early 20’s. Michelle stays in great shape because she’s an extreme athlete who loves jumping, running, swimming and any other kind of sport that gives her an adrenaline rush. Her bikini fashion is always precise and pristine. I’ve been a big fans of hers for a long time and get really excited whenever she comes out in a new movie. Michelle you’re aces!!! Keep up the awesome job!!

Alright my wonderful babies, it’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts. He’s clearly jealous of my relationship because he can’t maintain one. That’s not my fault or my problem. I just smile and walk past his messy desk while he barks insane comments. Why does he always have those creepy dudes with him all of the time? Anyways, I’m so happy with my engagement to Gerald that Mr. Butt’s miserable existence doesn’t phase me anymore. Love has blinded me to his whimsical ways. I will miss you terribly and always remember that Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! Until next time, SMOOCHES!!! TOODLES!!! JB

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