Demi Moore Bikini Pictures

Demi Moore  Bikini Pictures Demi Moore Bikini Pictures

Hey Hey Hey!! Oh yeah, you know it’s the most fabulous, tremendously awesome and fashionable Mr. Lance Man back from a crazy weekend with my buddies Tony Fish, Vinnie Lasagne and Pauly Meathead! We’re the three muskateers and we’re out of control. What did we do? Well we chartered a yacht and invited some pretty ladies and sailed for a day and it was lots of fun. The only problem is that we had to bring along Vinnie’s sister who tried to block our every move. Ugh!! We did end up getting some nice bikini views and played some games on the boat but it wasn’t the same with his little sister around who was craving for attention at 18 yrs old. Why did he bring her along! We could have really had a smoking good time but we had to be on our best behavior so Vinnie’s mom wouldn’t get mad. Next time no family strays!!

Alright, let’s get the week started with one of the hottest cougars on the planet and that’s hot Demi Moore! She looks even better than her own daughters and I’ll just say that right off the bat!! Demi is hanging out showing smoking hot curves in a black bikini and it’s amazing. She’s ageless and one of the hottest older women actresses out there. I wish they would give her a show that we can just sit back and watch her every week. How do we get that ball rollin??? Ashton you’re crazy for leaving her.

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