Katie Holmes Bikini Pictures

Katie Holmes Bikini Pictures Katie Holmes Bikini Pictures

I’m kind of glad that Katie Holmes never changed her name to Katie Cruise because now we don’t have to change her name in our directory that she’s divorced. Lol Katie has admitted in the past to following a strict running regime to maintain her slender figure and she showed off the results of her hard work on Monday. The 35-year-old displayed her toned physique as she paraded around in a hot pink bikini underneath a green flannel shirt. Great going Katie. Happy to see that you’re still looking great!

Alright my adorable Celebrity Bikini Gossip babies!! It’s time to pass you over to Mr. Lance Butts and his crazy crew of buddies who are always following him around. Sometimes they look at me really weird but I try not to pay it any mind because if they start with me, I will tell my hubby, Gerald, and he will divert their attention right away! Gerald is so jealous and I love it. So, until we meet again, remember to take good care of you because if you don’t, who will? Also remember that JENNY BIKINI LOVES YOU!!! Toodles!! Smooches!!

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