Lindsay Lohan, sexy redhead sporting sexy red bikini.

Lindsay Lohan Bikini Picture Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pics

I have one questions about Linsay Lohan.  How can a skinny white girl with NO butt have such tig of bitties – if you know what I am saying.   Ms. Lohan is so anorexic that she has a crows toe.

You maybe wondering what a crow toe is.   Shaniqua will tell you.   It is the anorexic version of the camel toe.   Not laughing?  Next time you see a crow, check out its toes.  You will get it then.  Real curvy women like me own moose knuckles and know how to show them off in the proper thong bikini.  White boys, you may think you want Crows toes, but once you experience some moose knuckle loving you will not go back to that boney shit.   Trust me plush padding is way better then gristle.  Ya heard?

-Shaniqua Williams

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline

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