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Myleene Klass Bikini Pictures

Friday, April 4th, 2014
Myleene Klass Bikini Pictures Myleene Klass Bikini Pictures

A vacation to South Africa that has involved swimming with sharks, frolicking in a skimpy bikini and enjoying a flirty poolside moment with a mystery man appears to be just the tonic to get Myleene Klass smiling again. The yummy mummy of two, who has been single since her divorce from ex-husband Graham Quinn last April, was spotted wearing a colorful strapless two-piece primarily blue and yellow bandeau bikinis. Myleene appeared to be enjoying the attention of a fellow guest, who simply couldn’t take his eyes, and later his hands too, off the radio DJ. Good for her!

Oh wow, the time has come for me to gently hand you back over to Mr. Lance Butts and his motley crew of misfits who follow him everywhere. These guys must live off of their parents because they don’t work but always seem to have money to hang out at clubs and eat dinners out every night. I love to cook for my hubby so eating out for us is a very special treat. These guys survive on it. I’m just so glad I’m not dating any of them. Now remember, that you are special and I will miss you every moment that we are away from each other. I really enjoy posting to you and hope that you enjoy my small banter. Always know that Jenny Bikini LOVES YOU!! SMOOCHES!! TOODLES!!!